The programme of the course will cover all aspects of plasma acceleration, including beam driven and laser driven electron acceleration and different flavours of laser-driven ion acceleration.

Leading experts will guide participants through a journey across the science and techonology of intense lasers, including advanced laser schemes for future high average power sources, fundamental aspects of laser-plasma interactions, electron beam dynamics and advanced configurations of radiation emission, from Thomson scattering to X-ray free electron laser.

Ultrafast measurements and ultimate diagnostic techniques for laser and plasma characterization will be a key part of the course, with step-by-step training on laser pulse amplification and compression, pulse duration and contrast measurement, phase control and frequency conversion, electron and ion detection.

Basic and advanced concepts of numerical modelling of laser-plasma interaction physics, radiation emission and particles and radiation transport will be presented in view of the development of full start-to-end simulation of radiation sources.

An overview will also be given of the main laser facilities featuring the most advanced high power and high energy laser sources.