New large scale intense laser facilities with unique specifications will be soon coming on-line, capable of laser intensities never achieved before.
At the same time, a number of dedicated laser installations are being built or upgraded across the world to enter new regimes of laser-matter interaction for particle acceleration and generation of radiation.

In this rapidly evolving context there is a compelling need of advanced training for the community of young researchers involved in the various aspects of this research, requiring theoretical, numerical and experimental skills.

The School aims at bringing together distinguished scientists and motivated young researchers, post-doc and Ph.D students engaged or willing to enter this field, to promote advanced training in the key areas of ultraintense lasers, interaction with matter at ultra-high field and laser-plasma acceleration, with a focus on emerging, new, ground-breaking initiatives based on novel particle acceleration techniques, like the EuPRAXIA project.

Novel accelerator techniques will indeed be one of the highlights of the School, where the best expertise from the accelerator science will deliver fundamental notions and extraordinary achievements of modern light sources based on the latest acceleration technology, with a perspective view on novel accelerators. Also, specialists in generation of advanced radiation will provide latest update on applications to major multidisciplinary fields, including medicine and biology, material science and space industry.